Sunday, January 25, 2009

House notes- Jan 25
Volenteering- Everybody sign up for a time

Katie walks in and says that we should consider having a dish schedule. She says it is gross. It can get crusty.
“Should this week be a trial week?”
Maureen is going to put dirty dishes on your bed. You are responsible for your company.
So on and so forth.

Chair TIME
Shayna says thank you.
What are the next steps?
Dana is going to type up a list of email.
“Oh my god thank you”- Shayna
People don’t like emails so avoid the listserve.
We need a tarp, brushes, paint
THE QUESTION: Who wants to go shopping for supplies?
The Answer: The reeeeens!

Chili cookoff
Who’d gonna make that shit?
Dana, Ryan and Emily

****Salmon digression*****

Cooking in da haus for da haus
Email Emily about recipes that you want to eat.
Sunday the eighth we will cook and eat as one, and they will know we are a house by our love by our love

Nicks quick thing
Clean up hall area
I’m going to make a meditation room in the basement.
Jake spouts off complicated organizational stuff.
We are have a cleaning party, looks like next Sunday at nine
“Emily must clean it all and make nick a sandwich”- nick

*****Blog Disgression******
“Jesus Christ Shayna get a Job, Christ. Send my kid to college…”

We have a big ass calender.
Black makers- volenteer times and any events at the art center
Blue- is social events
Green- has to do with Woostock
Red- school stuff

We still don’t know about Woostock. Possible dates, 27th, 28th, 29th of March, April 3, 10th

Eveyone can come to the yatch club party in Stevenson

Kenarden is our go to or we might go downtown.
Woostock committee needs to be formed.
Nick will be Music Chair,
Maureen will be advirtising chair.
Buisness chair- Jake.
Food and Booze chair- Emily,
Chair Chair- T-real.

Davie is going to make tomato soup. “Fuck it I’m making soup”
My word for the week was “launch pad” tell me your magic weekly word

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