Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our Mix Cd

This cd was created for us to host a concert downtown wooster at some point in time, spring hopefully. Here are the notes.

2.Mulberry Tree
3.Go to Work
4.When we were fishes
5.Your arms around me
6. Buy you a drink live with Jake Briggs
These are all by Maureen sill, an amazing person .

7. Writing a paper - the Commstock brothers (duo)

8. I was not aware
9. Terrain of Cold Steel
10. Alpine Claire
11. 3:19 Samba
These are all by Nick Terelle, a composition major of the College of Wooster

12. Untitled - Kevin Reiswig

13. Black River (cover of Amos Lee) - Ryan Leblanc
14. You make your bed - Maureen sill it fits more with the end of the cd

15. One Word Answers - Pictures of Serenity (Ginny Kincaid, a cow student's band)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Minutes for this week's meeting

1) Theater program at Wayne Center - David and Shayna

2) Volunteering - PERMANENT SCHEDULE
Monday - No one
Tuesday - Cord and Amanda 4-6
Wednesday - Ryan 2-4
Thursday - Jake 9:45-11:45 / Nick, Dana, Noreen - 4-6
Friday - No one
Saturday - David and Shayna

3) Chair painting
Total number of chairs: 25? 30?

Theme tables? Fishbowl first location, 3 or so done go in there
Table in Lowry for a day and take suggestions
Campus council is irrelevant (small issue, tabling will gain broader student input)
Shellac chair!

4)Jamnesty - large scale fall concert
Donations for Amnesty International?
October 25th at the UG
SMA will organize bands (6-10 bands, 30 or 45 minutes per band)
What will this event raise awareness about?
Sound check should be earlier that day

5) Poetry NEXT week, Oct 1st, (Wednesday) at 8pm
coffee and maybe snacks?

6) Singer/songwriter (workshop? showcase?)
Cord and Dave, handle that.

7) Nutcracker/play at the Wayne Center - Let's go!

8) Sunrise Assisted Living - play euchre, bluegrass, retro tunes

9) Jackie Comos' Broadway Revue
Nov 20th, Schiede

10) September 28th house cookout!!

11) Chelsea and Eryn are coming this weekend!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Minutes for this week's meeting

This week's poetry reading
Cord - structure it?
mic? amp? clean? redecorate?
start/end time - 8:30 - 10:30
sign in list?

9/11 - poetry
9/18 - songwriter

Family Weekend Jam?

Reserve UG for fall event