Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our Mix Cd

This cd was created for us to host a concert downtown wooster at some point in time, spring hopefully. Here are the notes.

2.Mulberry Tree
3.Go to Work
4.When we were fishes
5.Your arms around me
6. Buy you a drink live with Jake Briggs
These are all by Maureen sill, an amazing person .

7. Writing a paper - the Commstock brothers (duo)

8. I was not aware
9. Terrain of Cold Steel
10. Alpine Claire
11. 3:19 Samba
These are all by Nick Terelle, a composition major of the College of Wooster

12. Untitled - Kevin Reiswig

13. Black River (cover of Amos Lee) - Ryan Leblanc
14. You make your bed - Maureen sill it fits more with the end of the cd

15. One Word Answers - Pictures of Serenity (Ginny Kincaid, a cow student's band)

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